Dear “big companies with big hearts and even bigger funds.”

I am writing to share a passion, inspire a vision and involve you in a dream. My name is Ben Whittaker and I am 23 years old. Of those 23 years I have spent a huge proportion having an obsession with Penguins.

Nicknamed Benguin and equipped with all manner of Penguin related merchandise I am, unfortunately missing the key to my obsession. You might be thinking “Why are you telling me?” and the answer is simple; My dream will inspire your consumers, remind them of why your product is special and massively increase sales and marketing. It will also help me fulfil my ambition.

I love Penguins more than the gentle sway of a brittle leaf on an oak tree, more than the first sip of a refreshing beverage, even more than the prospect of a Duck singing hey jude whilst playing a banjo. I want to see them in their natural setting of Antarctica and realise their true beauty.

To simply book a ticket on a cruise liner does not appeal to me at all. I need it to be a grand voyage, an extensive, intensive, prosperous, challenging pilgrimage. I want to push my motivation, test my endurance, challenge my nerves and inspire my heart.

I am based in the UK. I grew up in Leicestershire and currently  work as a Team Leader of an outdoor activity centre in East Sussex. I have lived and worked on the Isle of Wight and the Stunning Jurassic Coast for a part of my life. I adore the UK but I aspire to leave for a while to begin my journey.

My dream is to go to South America by hitchhiking. I have hitchhiked around the UK and am off on a European adventure this winter. To do it on this scale would be the ultimate experience. I would travel from the UK to France, thumb my way to Russia, get lost in a world to big for me and experience different cultures until finally arriving at Vladivostok, Fly to Alaska, Hitchhike through Canada and into the States, ride buses through South America and arrive in Ushuaia.

Once there I would indulge in the sights and get my first taste of Wild Penguins before fulfilling the ultimate dream of hopping over to Antarctica.

I want to help communities and involve myself with lots of projects on the way.

I see a world so easily accessible, I see a community so easily moved, I see a mountain so easily climbed, I see a solid brick wall. A wall that can’t be climbed, with no hope to move it, no way to access it. But wait, there’s a way. This wall can be paid. To pass, all that is needed is some money.

I will write, blog, vlog or utilize any other social media you deem appropriate through my whole journey. I will use your service/product as the motivation to continue.

With the right backing and my own personal creativeness and ambitions I feel a fantastic opportunity will arise for yourself. A great marketing ploy, a new slogan, a new reason for consumers to want your product.

I am the perfect person to do this based purely on my desires to fulfil my ambition.

All I require from you is support to complete this journey. I will do all the work, planning, preparation and arrangements.

Please help me to live the dream. Please help me to restore the consumers love for your product. Please help me see the Penguins.

Please contact: for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Whittaker




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